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About making money online?

what do u guys think about making money online.i would like to know the safest way i can make money online without investing anything...,im free these days n i would like to work from home and make some money..plz let me knw the details how can i do that....thank u

About making money online?
I have been making money on internet for 4 years and I was personally scammed by a good many making money methods.Finally,I found the most legitimate, effective and fast way for beginner to make money is doing paid surveys if you have a computer with Internet access and can sit at your computer for 1.5-3 hours per day.

But before joining a paid survey network, you should be sure that the paid survey company satisfies the following minimum requirements:

1. In business for at least 1 year.

2. Well organized, easy to navigate directories.

3. Directories updated at least weekly.

4. Helpful resources available for newcomers.

5. No "waiting period". Eligible immediately..

And more,more....

I understand it is difficult for a new online money maker to judge whether a paid survey site is good or not.So I found a survey club to help beginner make money on internet.You can visit http://www.**************** to find how to earn money easily and legally.Hope that help you.

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All information on http://www.**************** free!!!
Reply:try these sites, the 1st 2 sites pay you $100 up per email. too good to be true? check it out:
Reply:I am a member of this site where you can make money by asking questions or answering some. You make money just by responding to discussions or starting some. Although you dont make that much, its still worth it because there is no investment required plus its fun to do. I would do it without the money involved too. Its just like yahoo answers. On average you can make 200-300 a month if u spend 2 hours everyday. if you want to join visit
Reply:You should become an affiliate and use your blog to make money!

What I have done after signing up as an affiliate for many different companies, combine the similar links into a blog entry and then use these advertising sites to get people to see each entry:

I have been paid!

Here are some other ways I make money online:

(With checks for proof!)
Reply:I have answer this question few time, if you ever read it.

OK, the main factor is you don't want to invest anything. I will base on that to answer:

1) sign up with , it's free

2) select any product from the marketplace which have a good sales page which you think will convert into sales.

3) get your affiliate link

4) Use Bum marketing to market the product. (A free way to market any products)

If you are keen, check the link below:
Reply:For a list of all the sites use for surveys, writing reviews and completing offers and have got paid from visit
Reply:Check out this site. http// It's full of legit online money making opportunities.
Reply:You can find the biggest choice of sites that pay you for reading mail, surveys, etc. Here's my blog entry with these sites + tutorial:
Reply:hi rajleo,

there isn't really a such this as "not investing anything", you will have to invest something, whether it's money or your time. with that said, the best way to make money online is through affiliate programs. they are free to join, easy to promote and payout is 40-50%.
Reply:this site pays good and ther's no catch. free to sign up. just download the viewbar to start making the free $$$
Reply:http://www.*************/index.php?ref=7... This website is great. I'm not going to lie it wont pay your bills, but it will give you some spending cash. They send payments in checks after getting $10 and if you don't want to you never have to give your credit card. If you do use your credit card you can make even more money. Good luck and enjoy.
Reply:this site is good to make some money online.. http://www.*************/index.php?ref=1... you won't make millions but you'll make a lil extra here and there
Reply:First off, stay away from ALL survey or data entry sites. These are scams and Google is actually in the process of deleting them from their searches because of so many complaints.

I first got my start making money online with CafePress. I sold some hot designs and made over $20,000 in the last 12 months. I then discovered affiliate marketing (selling other people's products) and realized people were making much, much more than that!! More like $20,000 a month for the top affilates.

I'd sign-up for this free internet guide and learn more. There are definitely ways to make money without investing much of your own money.
Reply:Here is a list of sites to check out:
Reply:TreasureTrooper, Treasure Trooper, TreasureTrooper. I can't say it enough times. It is, in my opinion, and many others, the most legit, easiest, and highest GPT website. Best of all, you don't have to invest a dime, just your time. Some people make hundreds of dollars a month taking this site seriously. I have recieved checks from them, and so has everyone else in this 63 page thread of payment proof in their forum:

What I like the most, is that it's actually fun. You can collect gems and coins that you earned from offers and trade them in at the Trading Hut, go on treasure hunts for money, and other cool contests.
Reply:I found out recently that online money making isn't just a scam, well at least at this particular website! What you do in this website is complete surveys or sign up for free trial memberships at other websites which in return pay cashcrate for getting them to sign you on. As a reward for you, cashcrate gives you 75% of the profit (that being the money the other websites payed cashcrate). Each offer can only take a couple of minutes and earn you easy money which is sent to you every month. As you continue to do these offers you will find yourself whipping through them like nothing and racking in big bucks. Copy and paste the address below to check it out:

Everything is completely free and only takes a couple of minutes to get the hand of. If you still don't understand, read the very short tutorial they provide which will get you started in no time. Once again, it is completely free and will never, and I mean never, cost you anything and you WILL get paid.

this site is 100% free and legit. don't fall for the sites that claim you can make all this money for free, yet when you go to sign up there's a $49.99 sign up fee or whatever. treasure trooper is the only one i've found that works, is free, and actually pay. you just take a bunch of 5-10 min. surveys/sign up for free trials and they pay you to do it. all the surveys are $.50-$2.00 each (trust me, they add up FAST!) and there some free trials to do to that pay $5.00-$30.00 each...and the ones that require credit card info, i just got a $5.00 prepaid visa giftcard from the mall and have used that for all of my trials, and have made $50.00 just from that.
Reply:Hi! You can make a lot of money completing offers on:

It is a newer site with good customer service--Plus you get a $5.00 sign-up bonus!

Try this become a member and promote your bussines. In few days you have friends and money.

Have fun and succes
Reply:Treasure trooper

-Completely free membership

-Get paid to complete surveys, join websites, and using free trials

-2 level referral program. 20% for level 1 and 5% for level 2

-minimum of 20$ payout

-Occasional bonuses and contests giving 1$ to 100$

-ALL offers are over 45 cents and some go up to $70.00

-Shopping feature where you can get around 40% back from online stores

-payed monthly by either Check or paypal

Sign up Here %26gt;%26gt;

Proof Of Payout with treasuretrooper

Cash Crate

-Completely free membership

-Get paid to complete surveys, join websites, and using free trials

-2 level referral program. 10% for level 1 and 5% for level 2

-minimum of 5$ payout (Easy to earn)

-ALL offers are over 50 cents and some go up to $45.00

-Shopping feature where you can get around 20% back from online stores

-payed monthly by check

Sign up Here %26gt;%26gt; http://www.*************/index.php?ref=1...

Proof Of Payout with cashcrate http://www.*************/forums/showthre...

Here is a Step By Step Tutorial for Treasuretrooper with pictures

video on treasuretrooper

Here is a Step By Step Tutorial for Cashcrate with pictures
Reply:This website offers work from home. They also have a links page with more info and other programs. You can also add your own links.

Some free and some have a small fee.
Reply:Read this blog
Reply:there are many sites for that...

no investements ta all.

Is there anyway to make money online by typing?

I'm a pretty fast typer and I was wondering if there is anyway I can make money online by typing?

Is there anyway to make money online by typing?
There are so many blogs about making money online at blogger. 5 minute search gave me this result - Get money for listening to radio and reviewing music - Make 250$ monthly tutorial - Make 10$ a day tutorial + a guide how to earn with PTCBrigade - Free advices about making money - Make money with RunDownBux and in other ways
Reply:The Internet has simplified everything from shopping to banking and now even employment has been made easier because you can have a job online. That is right, as amazing as it sounds you can work from the comfort of your home, while travelingor anywhere you have a computer because your job online only requires%26lt;!--you meet deadlines. You can work whenever fits your schedule, meaning you have more time for the important things like your family and have your job online to help pay the bills. Visit the below website to know how to make money online.

With a wide variety of different types of home based opportunities there is something for everyone and job seekers have over 1000 pre-screened home job opportunities to choose from--%26gt;more pre-screened home based employment opportunities than any other website. If you're interested in making money from home, this is certainly the website to check out!
Reply:There is a website called Wealthy Affiliate. this website has all the information you'll ever need to make money online, how to start, and what are the possibilities. You can find a lot of information there.
Reply:We might be able to help each other.

I am always looking for people to help me in my home business. If you have email, this will be easy for you.

I pay $250 for every person that successfully replies to the emails you send (written by me).

There is no fee or start up costs involved on your part.

I don't want your money, I just want your time.

If you want to find out more, email me at


P. S Probably the easiest money you'll ever make!
Reply:I don't want to spam or anything, But this is a working way to make money, I'm making for amonth about 40$-600$ My highest check was 764$. It's really easy, And paypal sponsored, Enjoy =]

Payment proof: (That's my check)

Once Again, Don't want to spam, Just trying to help =]
Reply:All the replies here are automated and scams. They will require you to spend money to signup, then never pay you.

Save yourself the hassle and find a typing job in person such as at a courthouse or a data entry job.
Reply:not sure. but i reccomend another website you may want to try

...yuwie. it is completly free. you get paid to socialize with other people (kinda like myspace and facebook...only better) it is an awesome way to make money. i love it. just follow the link below and i will send you some tips once you join!
Reply:I heartily recommend this:

It's a solid one for you, I think :-)
Reply:Make money making a hobby. I would suggest you some easy ways of making money you will love it. You can get such good options from
Reply:Those online work at home sites are all just scams. Look in the local paper or unemployment office and find a job there. You will be better off! Good Luck!!!!!!!!!
Reply:Get tips how to start online data entry job.

Are there legitimate ways to make money online?

I am 27 and disabled. I am curious if there is a way, a LEGITIMATE way, to make money working from home or online. Everything I come across is a scam. I am looking for most anything that is real. Product assembly, mailing, data entry, etc. Anybody got any good LEGITIMATE ideas...preferably that don't cost a bundle up front.

Are there legitimate ways to make money online?
I recently heard about a company called JLodge that specifically seeks to hire the disabled. From what the folks over at say, it's totally legit and a good company to work for.
Reply:I see you already know that there are crooks out there. The ones that are legit will not expect you to spend money in order to get a job with them. What a joke hey.

If you want to - try copywriting. The pay is between extremely low and pathetic but if you do a lot of it - it could add up to better than nothing.

Just Google - Freelance writers. Better yet, learn a little markup and coding and train yourself to design web sites. Or there are writing sites that publish your stories or articles and pay on a per click basis. Don't plan to feed yourself on those results either. There are data entry jobs on freelance sites that are real paying jobs. I don't know how much cause I never took one but they are legitimate if the buyer (employer) has good reviews from past providers) the employee.

You could start at GAF (Get a No cost to join, only a fee when someone hires you. Don't give free samples of writing or they may just steal it and not pay you for it. You'll have to give short samples or something you published somewhere cause they do demand samples of your writing skills. Good luck.
Reply:What are you Good at -----------------Whatever it is , research about it and see if you can Sell it.

It may take a little while ,so dont give up.

Good Luck
Reply:Tons of way

but to find one that is safe is

like trying to find a safe lottery number to win on this week
Reply:You could sell things on Ebay.

wisdom teeth

What ways can a 15 year old make money online?

Im 15 (16 in March) and have earned around £100 in money and vouchers from survey sites/cashback sites since the end of October and would really like some other ways that I can make money online. I have alot of time to put in and am good with computers (but not like programming or anything). Thanks :) %26lt;3*

What ways can a 15 year old make money online?
If you search for them, you'll find stories of how fifteen year olds make money being online. Some of them are worth millions. There a lot of systems to help you get started. Look at this one:

Most of the systems out there teaching how to make money being online are legitimate but you have to put in the time to make them successful.

I hope this helps.
Reply:cashcrate is a great way to make money

to learn more about it from real users :forums.*************

and to join go here: *************/630100 Report Abuse

Reply:obviousley you have made money so keep duin' wat u have been duin'
Reply:sell stuff on ebay
Reply:blog for adsense. There is a site where a guy that's 13 makes more than I could dream of in a year. It's Carl O....something. the site is called make money with a 13 year old. You don't have to pay to blog with adsense it's all free. Lots of research to get started though,
Reply:Well, I use GPT sites to make money online. Most of them require to you to be over the age of fifteen, so I'm pretty sure you can use them. I make around $2,000 a month using them. There's a link if you're interested on my profile. :]]
Reply:there is this website where u can fill out suerveys and get 10.00 4 each one u fill out
Reply:set up a blog or seomthing, and let google or another site like that advertise on it. you can earn some pretty good money =) hope that helps
Reply:cashcrate is 100% free!

making money online

I have been looking for ways to make money online. I been scamed lots of times. Until I've recently discovered cash crate the site is free to join. You simply complete surveys and sign up for websites. The best part is its all free. you have to be 13 and older and this site has worked for me and it can work for you. They pay out on the 20th of each month. Every thing is easy and min payout is 10 dollars. the reason for me telling you about this site is I don't want anyone to get scamed here is a link:

How can I make money online free?

I love making money online as a member of, but need more ideas to make more money - free and legit only.

How can I make money online free?
Go to the link below it fun and free i got 30 bucks the other day! and u can get bonus bucks to..deff. cool

Very fun and free!
Reply:go to link below make serious money by using search engine/ box really works

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Reply:go to link below make serious money by using search engine/ box really works

thankyou Report Abuse

Reply:Complete Surveys using cash (copy and paste into address bar and REMOVE THE SPACES.) It is a legit site that you can make crazy money off of. All you have to do is complete surveys to earn money. You can also refer friends and make 20% of their earnings AND 10% of THEIR referrals earnings. Make Sure to check it out. You've got nothing to lose.
Reply:Have you tried this out? I started three months ago and made $175 in my first two weeks! That's more than I had made in ANY affiliate program I have joined. To date I have made $875 and I'm still going strong :)

Here's the affiliate sign up link:
Reply:Hi jakhara,

One way that you could generate an income is through setting up a free blog account with and applying to adsense advertising. Another great way to make pennies. If you choose to continue to pursue free ways to generate cash you will find little in return. It doesn't take much to build a business online around your interests. You can start out small and build it as you earn. Chasing the free ways will be never ending you wont find the income you seek.

Reply:Try signing up for Yuwie. Its 100% FREE. It is like any other "connect with friends" or social networking site like myspace and facebook. The only difference is you get paid to use Yuwie!

Yuwie pays you to blog, upload pictures, refer friends, chat, hang out, etc. Click below to know more details:;...
Reply:Very easy , it works for me
Reply:Go here it is great!
Reply:yes here is the new idea,GET PAID TO DRIVE YOUR CAR, wear T-shirts, and more! Earn money effortlessly while you go about your day! It’s fun, easy, and no experience is necessary!
Reply:If you don't like to work much, and have some friends that would be interested in this too, you can try one of those ad clicking/page viewing things.

The thing is that you get paid for visiting web pages. Not much, but if you find more friends to do that too you can get quite some money for very little work (I got about $200 last month with about 50 friends under me).

Here's the link: (yeah, it is referral link and I would very much appreciate if you put me as a referrer:))

All you have to do is register, and view couple of pages/day (10minutes max alltogether). And if you get friends to sign under you you earn some of their money too! (more friends, more money, for example: 10 active friends=$50/month, 100 active friends=$500/month!)

If you have any more questions just shoot :)
Reply:The votes have just come back in and all the number has already been tallied great news!! Its official there is a new top ranked by google pr4!!! Website with Free Money Making programs and top handpicked work at home programs of 2008 which will completely take over the home workers market this year. They are offering high payouts and fat paychecks in you mail box every week!

Here is where you can go to find the link:


I probably don’t need to mention this but I will anyway…….Bookmarking or saving this website to your favorites list is a good idea!
Reply:i have only found this site to be worth doing. it acctually pays out.http://makemoneyonlineitsfastandeasy.blo...
Reply:Have you thought about Internet Marketing.

You just have to be careful who you listen to and what you spend your money on as there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there waiting to take your money.

The first and most important step is to learn about your industry, how to market products etc.

By far the most genuine learning resource I have ever come across is provided by two college graduates who went from broke to making over a million dollars a year.

You are probably in a great position as you already are interested in making money online. you can learn about your business while putting it into practice and making money.

Do yourself a favor and check this out.

I want to make money online with something that works. What is the best program out there?

I have been doing research online about the different ways to make money online. I am interested to hear some other opinions on ways that it can be done, and programs out there I might have missed. Please give me frank answers and no hype, I have read enough of that. Thanks.

I want to make money online with something that works. What is the best program out there?
Making money online can be a real challenge, and I can tell from your question that you have probably looked at a lot of the hype that is out there. You are right to believe that most of it is hype. Many internet marketers put more effort into their sales page than they do into the product itself.

Working at home requires a certain type of disciple that most don't realize until they have gotten into it. I think that most people who do not do well on the Internet have this problem. We are programmed to 'go to work' and anything outside of that just doesn't register in our brain to get us 'working' the way we need to to make money online to the point of making a living.

So its important to get into a program that has a 'complete' structure from A - Z and has a relatively low risk proposition. Most programs today are duplicates of duplicates of duplicates because the programs themselves teach people to just duplicate their program to sell to others.

The Internet marketing gurus of the world have so many followers that it makes it almost impossible to follow their programs... most of them are outdated, overpriced, and oversold because to be frank, it is only what they are doing that makes the most success. Yes, training systems. Those who cannot do, teach, and that is the life of the typical Internet Marketer these days. All the ebooks and programs they have flooded the net with are their true source of success, not the information in the product you buy.

I have been a part of many many programs over the years and have had experience with every sector and some of the so called gurus. I can tell you that there is one program that stands out from the rest that only recently was introduced. The beauty of this program is that it is dummy proof and does not rely on you investing a ton of time on thing that may or may not turn out results. Thus, the risk factor is really low. The program is called The Big Fat Rich Loser Network (you can see it at ) and their unusual method to getting rich is one of the most original and refreshing programs I have seen in a long time.

I am recommending if you want to go with something that works, I think that is the program that will do it. The sites that can be created with it have gotten a lot of rave reviews from members at Digital Point forums, which is a hard thing to do since a lot of people can be very critical there.

I don't know what kind of investment you are willing to put into your online business, but their program has two options that are very reasonable in my estimation. Another program came out last year called SEOPortals (can check it out for yourself at offered something like this where you needed to pay for the hosting, but their pricing was and is more than double what the guys at the Big Fat Rich Loser Network are asking, and SEOPortals just could not enable you to build as many sites as what the Rich Losers can. I think that aiming to make $0.25 a site with minimal effort is much more doable.

All in all, keep it simple, and I think that the program I have been talking about makes it as stupid simple as possible. :)

Good luck with whatever you end up doing! I hope you make the money online you are looking to make.
Reply:trading is the best idea,i.e. stock market
Reply:There are a number of key of ways to go about making money online and I suggest one that fits your lifestyle. Be serious with yourself about what you can and cannot do, or will and will not do. I have been around this game for a long while and can tell you this. It is very hard to come into the internet marketing game and have one or two sites that make you millions, if that is what you are thinking just turn around now.

Now a days, it seems you have to be a bit more creative to get off the ground and start making money. I would suggest programs that allow you to build networks of sites or blogs as you have a better chance of people viewing your site and clicking on ads or buying the affiliate products you are selling. I like the suggestion above about using Craigslist to promote your sites or affiliate links. That is just one example of thinking outside the box a bit. Try and utilize other high authority sites that allow for free posting to gain recognition to your sites. Anyway, I've rambled on for far too long now, but good luck in your future endeavors.
Reply:I have discovered this new online web community that is a social networking site. It has all the latest features and best of all, you get paid for using it. If you are using another networking site such as FB or MS, I have one question for you, who's getting rich? Well this community shares the ad revenue with the members and also offers a referral program.

Oh and its growing fast so if your interested you better join soon.
Reply:this is simple.... grow it in trees!!
Reply:I have been asking the same question myself for a long time now. I have bought into several programs, but none of them worked as advertised. Sometimes they hours required for some programs can get worse than if you had a regular job. What I can tell you is that of all the programs I have tried, I got the best results so far from promoting ClickBank products. This is referred to affiliate marketing. Once you have gotten familiar with how things work there, you may move on to making your own product and selling it on there. There are 100s of thousands of affiliates that use Clickbank and will promote your product, and it costs nearly nothing to get started ($50).

I hope this helps you out. I am going to keep an eye on this thread, I am interested to see what other answers come up.
Reply:Well. The way I make money online is survey/offer websites.

I make around 800 a month from that.

If you wanna try it there's a link on my profile to my top money makers.
Reply:Wholesale is always a great way to go. If you can get a hold of a factory in china for just about anything, you can bring items in bulk and sell them online for great margins. It does cost a bit to get everything up and going, usually around $3,000 at the least. But once you're rolling life is pretty sweet.
Reply:I don't know how advanced youa re, or what you have tried so far but one good way of doing things online to get traffic and hopefully sales i the e-book "Niche marketing on crack", one of the few good ones that don't consist of only hype. Basically it's about setting up blogs in certain ways and write articles to drive traffic to your affilaiteprogram. Hmm, other than that, Dan and Ed's 30 day challenge is good and free, a bit much talking if you ask me but hey it's free.

Good luck!
Reply:This program is kinda make money online.

It doesn't cost anything to sign up, and you don't "have to" buy a product.

But if you work hard in your spear time, or make it full time, you can make some serious cash. Payments are made via Paypal.

It cant hurt to check it out.

The link is below.
Reply:Well from what I have seen with a friend of mine, it seems like the best way to go is by setting up a blog and using Google Adsense to get dollars for clicks. I see many people doing it too, so it must be working if so many people do it.
Reply:well, craigslist is always a good source of traffic. you dont have to spam craigslist, in fact, thats probably the last thing you want to do, because then none of your ads will get posted :)

dont just post your affiliate link, my advice is to offer something usefull when a person clicks on your ads, cut and paste some random text from an article database that pertains to your niche, that will offer value to your ad, and then, casually drop a link in the ad, youd be surprised how many hits youll get from just a handfull of ads like this....this should help you get the ball rolling ;)

Make money at home online - Do you already take advantage make money online?

Can we make the truth way money online?. It's anyway make money online without scam to build internet money making?.

Make money at home online - Do you already take advantage make money online?
Not really yet. Still confuse which the best way to make money at home online?.

If you want to read and to know how effective about to Make Money At Home Online. I just come accross this blog which to may help you.

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Reply:YES. You can become an affiliate at Wealthy affiliate. Learn in a 8 week course.

here is the link

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Reply:Most are scams
Reply:Most of the answers here are really scary and asking to invest, click or whatever.

I am making money for the last 5 years without investing a penny on my own.

I am selling prepaid phone cards online - actually they are selling themself. Everyone needs to call somewhere and I sell very good prepaid solutions to call worldwide.

Wanna try? Go to this website: . Check it out, sign up and start selling and make money
Reply:yes you can make money online but first you have to know how to do it. go here you will learn how to make money online step by step while making money as you learn
Reply:Go check out my website.........


I found it easier to set up a website and direct people there as opposed to getting carpal tunnel typing so much.......


I show you how I make money on the internet......I actually DO use these I don't make my money off selling you my "system".....all the sites I can direct you to are shouldn't have to pay to make money....that's self-defeating.


I would recommend a couple of things to you for sure........

First is Yuwie...( ) Yuwie is a social networking myspace. It's got A LOT of useful info on there reguarding online businesses and ways to promote.....a lot geared to promote Yuwie...but the principles can be applied to most businesses.........Oh yea, did I mention that you get paid!!!!! Yuwie pays it's members a share check it out.......

Secondly, is basically get paid everytime your phone rings......there's a link on my site.....check that out with a landline or a cell!!!!!! How easy is that........I also have links to check on scams and stuff like that tooo.......very useful stuff.


good luck in whatever you decide to do, even if you don't take a similar path as what I have taken.

Reply:I am using a website that is making me a ton of money. There is a money prize drawing held every week. All you have to do is watch at least one presentation a week. You can actually minimize the presentation and do other things. The more presentations you "watch" the more chances you have of winning. It is very simple. It is also easy to win. And once you win, if you want, you can use that money to upgrade where you get money for every person you get in your downline. Well to find out more just sign up here:

There is no sign up cost!!

Enjoy :)

Email me if you have any questions.


Also check out my blog:
Reply:I make money online a few different ways, and I make the most money online through CashCrate (several hundred per month) by filling out advertiser's offers. I really love this site, and I wrote my own blog about it to let other people know how great it is. There are no membership fees ever. CashCrate pays monthly by check, but I really don't mind waiting since I pull in really good earnings. Here's the url to my blog:
Reply:Hey mate have a look at my website if you want:

I make money online using pay to click advertising, all the information you need is on my site and the best thing it is FREE to join and you can make money with no investments.

Cheers, Mike.

There are a whole lot of scams out there. I have made money online by doing online suveys, cash offers, and paid emails. Believe it or not, companies DO compensate you for giving your opinion, and you can even get paid for reading emails. I've gotten consistent checks from surveys companies, as well as others.

Signing up for these types of companies is really easy and free. I'm 17 and have done relatively well signing up for this stuff. I made a website about it:

My blog (which you can find on the site) lists a bunch of these companies. Good luck!
Reply:You can open an free Marketiva forex \gold\fund\indexs online trading account , with $5 reward and $20000 virtrual fund for practice .Just click the following link to open an account.
Reply:i have received check from google,adbrite,bidvertiser before and blogging is the best way to make some money online for me.i joined some PTC sites,paid forums,social networks,free opportinities too but i never upgrade my membership to prevent from being scammed.
Reply:BEST PTC EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:First off, the answer left by mojan is a complete rip off. Its not a scam but a rip off.

You will never make money.

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Reply:No most of them are not scams, check out my blog for legit sites on where to build money online.

Reply:you could try doing what i do

i run a couple online storefronts selling jewelry, but you can sell anything online. just use drop shipping (selling it directly from manufacturers and they ship it for you)

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Reply:yes, hope this will answer your question
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Reply:There are plenty of scams out there...

Flip side to that.. there are many great opportunities.

The missing piece to any program online, whether it be affiliate marketing, mlm, network marketing,ppc or even blogging, is the determination of the person looking into these opportunities. If you really want something bad enough, %26amp; are willing to do your homework on whatever your looking to get into, you can %26amp; will find opportunities that will help you make money online.
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Reply:You know 99% of people who read "make money online" guides never see a red cent!

They get scammed by "easy and lazy" online money...

...Or then they never put in action the good stuff they read.

You can make money online but you have to understand it takes work. The only guaranteed way to make money online is to set up domain and hosting, get professional autoresponder, build squeeze page and write email series where you promote products.

Making money online takes work and someone claiming the opposite is Scamming you!

I´ve been there, I´ve seen it and paid heavy price of doing things the wrong way! (You know, direct linking and stuff...)

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Reply:I have a site that I work off of and its totally free, just put your time in it, answer questions and the money is unlimited. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. You can make a ton of money if you put your time in and are motivated. You sound like the kind of person that could really make a lot of money with is. Its been out less than a year, registered with the Better Business Bureau. I will send you the web page and you can watch the video and determine if its for you or not. You want to ask me questions about the program, that's what I'm here for. Good luck
Reply:you know. making money - is just like fitness training - the harder you work the more results you get. I make money online. I started an online business. but anyone can make a business out of my skills - design, web experience, adobe products.. what i didn't do well was my internet marketing. and then we started the courses at xtrain... just by participating, well you know i am the director of training, i took the instructors advices and tripled my customers and traffic flow. There are many jobs online, one of wich i'd liek to say is a search engine optimizer and or a pay per click researcher. Basically what you do is figure out what the most likely key word searches people do for whatever website your working with that people respond to and bam start your keyword campaigns. The traffic will flow.

Other options include ebay sales, selling your products on amazon, starting a blog and using google adwords... and maybe a youtube rip off site.
Reply:Make a simple blog and earn money online through adsense. Its free. for details visit
Reply:try PTC (payd to click) sites!
Reply:No...don't do the pyramid. Check out affiliates, they helped me out big time. loads to choose from. I found these 2, that offer genuine bonus' and great support from the beginning.
Reply:Google Adsense is the best advertising instrument used over internet now. But coping up with the TOS of Google Adsense is very tough. We should be very carefull while driving up with google Adsense. Many got their accounts banned for no reason. But there are ways of getting new Google Adsense accounts by taking the appropriate measures after it.

Google Adsnese can be used in websites which satisifies the TOS of Google Adsense

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